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The city of Metz is located in northeastern France in the region of Lorraine, Metz has an area of ​​41.71 m2 for around 116 000 inhabitants. Metz is the city to visit in Lorraine, Metz is a city full of history and historical monument.

Here are places to visit in Metz:

Station of Metz:
This is where we are, if you arrive in Metz by the Metz train station you would have the opportunity to visit Metz station automatically because we are right in front of Metz station.

Elected several times more beautiful station of France it is the place not to miss. A piano is available to all people who are at Metz station, this atmosphere makes you a non-programming atmosphere or unusual when you enter Metz station.

St. Stephen's Cathedral:
This is the place that represents Metz on postcards. With Procar car rental Metz you could visit the magical St. Stephen's Cathedral. 42 m high and 6500 m2 of stained glass windows a place to visit immediately J

The Center Pompidou-Metz:
This is a recent building that promises to be a place that will be visiting several hundred years, a place that includes artists today who are appreciating but probably will be more over the years. Metz car rental is located less than 100 meters from the Pompidou Center. We recommend visiting this center which brings together the best artists who are expert in their subject.

The Museum of the Golden Court:
Without doubt the best museum in Metz, from the entrance to the museum you will feel a calm atmosphere full of history. A museum filled with paintings, archaeological discoveries and objects that you can observe here and no one else. This is the museum to visit in Metz during your stay with Procar car rental Metz.

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